Topical Magnesium to stimulate anti stress hormones?

Probiotics are essential IMO

It’s not just my opinion! Probiotics improve health and stimulate weight loss.  Get a high quality probiotic and put it to the test.

Try 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in your smoothie

It appears that cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity which promotes better health and weight loss!

Simplicity & Focus Key to Fitness Results 8/27/14

Despite the mainstreaming of “fitness” in it’s various forms; bodybuilding, cross-fit, pilates, etc., America as a whole continues to become  a fatter, sicker, and more out of shape country as a whole. “Going mainstream”, in the public consciousness, does not equal getting results! Thinking isn’t doing, and doing isn’t achieving either. In a world where there exists more and things vying for one’s attention, it is increasingly difficult to chose a course of action and keep moving on it. The next “shiny thing”, is just around the corner, like a rest stop on a highway with terrible bathrooms and cheap vending machines!

Just say no! In fact, for me, NO is my favorite word. It is the word that defines choice, and indicates some measuring of paying attention. I’ve said yes to a lot of things without paying attention over the years, and I’ve paid the price…maybe you can relate? So practice using your “NO”, and your “YES” will take on new meaning and power.

iStock_000004773983SmallWhat does this have to do with health and fitness? Well, if you view health, and fitness, as the means to achieve your ends, then saying “NO” to all the stuff that wastes your time and effort, and instead reserving your “YES” for the stuff that delivers on it’s promise is the way to go.

Workout and eat right so you will look good, feel great, and be awesome! Do it because if gives you the means to achieve your goals, to make your life better, to enjoy it all…MORE!

That said, it has become conspicuous to me that the formula for Looking Good, Feeling Great, and Being Awesome is rather simple: IT IS…

Optimize hormones & Bio-mechanics=weight training/functional fascial integration  x cardio + Zone Diet/Organic X Gluten Free Food ( Decontaminated & Structured Water)  – hormone disrupting chemicals and electro pollution X sleep quality.

YOUR HOMEWORK: Take a close look at the formula: Search each term and save what you find on your computer. I will be touching upon each of these in the near future. Join The Physical Culture LA community, and subscribe to our online magazine.


Mario Hostios



“Vortexing” Water for health!

Based on the work of Viktor Schauberger; a simple inexpensive method to “vortex”, “structure”, or “charge” water with life force or “chi”. As you may know, I am a big believer in decontaminating water. This puts in what nature can, in the natural environment…maybe! Do you due diligence. I did mine! I think it works!!!

The Number Reason People Workout: How to know if you are achieving it.

The Number Reason People Workout: How to know if you are achieving it.


ms1.jpgHello, I’m Mario Hostios, fitness expert and holistic health practitioner. Today I want to talk to you about the #1 reason most people exercise; to look good nekkid! Hey, it’s not shallow! It’s a great reason, because being attractive (in clothes too people) opens doors to opportunities in all areas of life, and it also adds a confidence to everything you do. Other people infer (whether it’s true or not) that you have self respect and know how to take care of yourself . UNDERLINE THIS: The degree to which you compromise on looking your best is the degree to which you compromise on the opportunities that come your way. 

big weighing himself on white

Bottom-line: Are you satisfied with the way you look nekkid? If the answer is no, then  you are leaving money on the table. Stop it! The solution, generally, to this problem boils down to “losing weight and toning up.” Specifically, this means burning off excessive fat and sculpting your muscles…but what is “excessive”? What is the best way to determine it?


I’m glad you asked! No, truly I am, because if you didn’t, well, I’d be wasting my time. The BEST way to measure your present condition is NOT the scale, or body mass index (height to weight ratio). Instead, it is bodyfat% with a caliper. It’s easy, idiot proof, inexpensive, and a sorry ass excuse if you don’t get one and check yourself once a month.

fat caliper

I mean it. You wanna get “lean and toned” and stay that way? Get a damn fat caliper. Buy 1 on ebay, the cheap plastic one is fine, from accu-measure for instance. You shouldn’t pay more than 5 dollars. They come with instructions, which I will summarize here.


On the 1st of the month, you “pinch you fat” at the instructed locations and record the numbers. Those numbers go into a graph that was created by weighing and measuring thousands of dead people. (i know, creepy yes?) The graph will spit out a body-fat %. You now have the pinch numbers and fat% to use a a guideline for the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of your fitness program (at least in regards to fat%)


Let’s assume that you are a guy and your % is 18%. What does that mean? It’s means you are leaving money on the table bro. In my opinion, men have an acceptable range of body-fat %, it’s between 6% and 12%. If you are in that range, you will look good, and  can move up or down in that range based on personal preference. So you are 18%…too much. You need to drop at least 6%.


So you do your thing, and check again in 30 days. ( To do your thing well, ask me how.)

Now let’s say you are a lady (never a guarantee nowadays.) and your fat% comes in at 26%. Is that good? Is it bad? Well, my experience (lots of years and at this point hundreds of people), women need to be between 22% and 16%. If you are between those numbers, you are lean and toned, body-fat is not a health risk, and you will look good. Where in that range depends on your personal choice.

If your program is effective, you should see a 2% drop each month. If you are not, then troubleshoot your program (I should make a point here, that program means exercise, nutrition, and detoxification to effect hormone optimization). (You are missing something, and you need to identify it.)

Add one other litmus test to the body sculpting test: a bathing suit photo (not birthday suit you perverts.) When you love the way you look, record that body-fat% to memory. That is the one you want to keep.

Between these two assessment tools you now have the means to subjectively and objectively evaluate the fruits of your labor. Furthermore, the once a month test will keep it from getting away from you. Nobody succumbs to weight gain doing this because they can see it coming and adjust their habits accordingly.

In an industry where promotion, entertainment value,  and fads and trends tend to dominate, I feel it’s important to refocus on the main reasons people invest their valuable time and effort into keeping fit, and make sure that the details that ensure compliance and progress are in place. Like measuring once a month for instance, with the indicators that really count! Get an inexpensive skinfold caliper, and use that cellphone camera on the 1st of each month. Pull out “that bathing suit” (y’know, the one you used to be able to wear) and put it to good use.

What you measure, improves. What you measure, improves. What you measure, improves. I guarantee you, if you do this, you will begin to make the changes you need to achieve the appearance you desire. (And I am here to help you with that, just ask.) Next time I’ll tell you exactly how to improve it.  Now go buy a caliper, take a picture, and thank me later.