Watch “How Long Does Magnesium Stay in the Body?” on YouTube

My comments: red blood cell magnesium test passing scores in the 6.0s per Dr Carolyn Dean. Most people score 2.0s. Epsom salt soaks my favorite way to pass the test. RDA is a joke. Can’t get enough magnesium through food because it’s not in the soils. Good video.

Antibiotics can lead to life-threatening fungal infection because of disruption to the gut microbiome – new study

Why I prefer probiotics for gut health & colloidal silver for infections.

Don’t blindly shotgun Vitamin D. Dial it in with the free Dminder app

It’s not impossible to over do Vitamin D, but it’s far more common to under do it. 80ng/ml is near the top of the range on the blood test- and where I like to keep mine. The dminder app is derived from a database of blood tests and will guide you in dialing in your dosage to get to 80ng/ml. Likely 10000 iu daily, not 50000 daily for weeks on end.