Coronavirus ‘may cause brain damage’ as swelling found in ‘confused’ patients

Coronavirus ‘may cause brain damage’ as swelling found in ‘confused’ patients.

Clif High pointed out this risk as a potential complication of covid 19 from his research.

No need to deep dive this. More urgent need to maintain adequate Vitamin C and Chaga mushroom.

Injury Proof Fitness in the time of covid19

The disruption to daily life from covid19 has been a real butt kicker. It’s become painfully clear that we are all in a race to develop ourselves: physically, mentally, skillsets, and obviously our immunity…to higher levels.

So, recognizing the need to make progress within ourselves, while spending more time in our homes, we must also be mindful of not “screwing the pooch.”

Translation: This is NOT the time to take pointless risks. Do not injure yourself trying to get into shape at home. Or daredevil stunts. No.

Set a new pesonal record? Wait on that one. Try to master a new acrobatic skill? Nope. The last thing you need right now is to wreck a shoulder or knee and be shit out of luck with any elective surgery because…well you know why.

Right now, securing your survival IS success. Toughen up, do not risk tearing down.


Quite proud of this…but a higher risk move in a time of declining medical care? NO.
Here’s the ticket: a lower biomechanical demand exercise, but still a winner. YES!
The hidden key to making your fitness injury proof is to smooth out this shrink wrap.
Kettlebells, Pullup bar, sandbag, and fascia stick. Throw in a stability ball and you are set.

I will be addressing the shrink wrap in more detail soon. It has been the game changer for me. It will be for you.

Till soon, Mario

Deep Dive article: gut biome & covid 19

Key takeaways: more evidence that cutting sugar, going keto, boosts immunity and lessens severity of covid19 if infected. Not surprising. So keto diet, intermittent fasting, many of the popular trends in health assurance, all more timely now. Enjoy the read. Only 31 pages. Ha ha.

Credit to Clif High for his discussions on this article.