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Getting Lean: Get it over with!

Hey It’s Mario; and this is what you need to know:

Diet really is the key to getting lean. Certainly exercise can be considered essential, but it’s also accurate to state it’s a secondary focus. Getting lean (a relative term I define as around 12% for men and 22% for women) is like tearing off a band-aid; just do it and get it over with. The challenge is that most people don’t want to do it, but that is precisely the reason to focus on easy, effective execution for a brief period of time and create enough positive feedback fast enough to get you to the finish line. 

Eating to be healthy is great, but that health principle need to be applied more precisely to get lean as well. In general, eat green and lean (proteins and veggies at meals) and throw in avocado and coconut oil for essentials fats. Stay away from carbs during the week. Soda? NO. Booze? 1 on the weekend. Simple and executable.  Is that everything? No, but if you are going to focus on easy, effective execution, keeping your day in day out meal choices focused to 8-12 choices wastes to extra energy in getting it done. Less thinking more doing.

Effective execution is the key. Do the following and combine it with some form of interval sprints for 10-20 minutes 4 times a week and you should drop a 3% every 2 months or less.

Step 1: gut health and hormone hack: apple cider vinegar and epsom salt baths. Refer to my other articles on how to use them. Or an internet search.

Step 2. Shopping list: Eggs, 4 different animal proteins you like, protein powder, corn tortillas, 5 types of vegetables you like , a sprout kit, 3 low glycemic fruits you like, and coconut oil, and avocados. Organic is better. Guess what? You are set for Monday thru Friday.

Step 3: Organizing meals.

a. protein shake for breakfast: your protein powder, coconut oil, and one of the fruits

b. wrap for on the go: animal proteins, your sprouts from your sprout kit, and 1,2 torillas. Quick and easy lunch.

c. lean & green dinner. the animal protein, the steamed vegetables, avocado.

Sweat 4 times a week: refer to my article on skyscraper sprints.

Get a plastic skin fold caliper and learn to use it. Pinch yourself once a month. Get it done, and spend your life enjoying it.

Don’t pick 1: Take both. Qigong & Pain Free Movement Workshops.

April 2nd 2017: 10am-5pm. Qigong delivers immunity, vitality, & sanity in 20 minutes a day. My pain free movement workshops teaches you how to eradicate aches and pains yourself. Practice both and you will be invincible. $497. Contact me with your questions.

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Superman’s most important power: Durability





More powerful than a locomotive? Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Shoots laser beams out of his eyes? What is Superman’s most important power? Simple; he’s impervious to injury. All his other abilities depend on his superhuman durability; without it he would hurt himself using his other abilities.

In like fashion, regular people, be they in the military, the athletic arena, or desk jockeys, depend on their durability to execute their duties and pursue their potential. It isn’t the strongest or fastest that prevails in sports, it’s the healthiest. Also in the military, it’s the soldier who can avoid injury that prevails, not necessarily the best. Even for the desk jockey who relies little on his physical prowess, a bad back or neck can really get in the way of your performing at your best.

While physical conditioning to improve one’s appearance or performance is well defined, the means to make someone more resistant to injury has been elusive…until now. My pain free movement workshop is the key to getting beyond the aches and pains that hold you back, and making you bulletproof to the injury.  Register for the next workshop in Los Angeles in April 2017.

Portable quiet nebulizer: best value get 1!

With your colloidal silver & this handy nebulizer in hand you are well prepared for flu season or any other reason imo!


#PainFreeMovement: Smooth Fascia is they key!

Hi, it’s me Mario Hostios, and this is what you need to know: Just as your teeth and gums need brushing and flossing, so do your muscles and joints. Most precisely, it is the fascial web of the body that is the key structure to keep smooth so you can move. I offer the best solution to achieve this: find out more! fascia600Toothbrush-and-Dental-Floss-newfashsiteregeneration-tag