#Immunity2020 #quickstart

Immunity 2020 is a proactive response lifestyle to the disruption caused by covid19.

This is a graphic synopsis of action steps to complete to assure your health in uncertain times.

Add: Vitamins B complex, C, D to your daily regimen.

B complex (b6 in particular) insulates against cytokine storm fatalities induced by covid19.

Vitamin C in sufficient amounts wins the tug of war against covid19. (50-200mg/kg bodyweight)

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, boosts immunity to all infection. 5000-1000 iu/day needed by most people to get levels above 60ng/dl

Zinc also boosts immunity, and is part of the 3 fold approach being embraced by docs on the frontlines of treatment. 50mg/day.

Get a tan. Natural Vitamin D is best. Use supplements to support that.

Cellphones, wifi, blue light at night all diminsh immunity. Minimize it, use ethernet connections and blue blocking glasses.

No more soda. Its been observed covid19 symptoms worsen when ingesting sugar. Save your soda cans for target pract

Assemble puzzle pieces, distinguish narratives, take steps. #Covid19

5g installer talks his take.

Growing evidence gonna be hard for alot of people to accept. Don’t get lost in details. And stop putting your blind faith in the globalists that seeded this problem. Their solution; quarantine, testing, vaccine somehow someway someday…serves them not you.

GMO foods are healthy? Nope.

Electro magnetic pollution bad to human health? Yep.

Covid 19 a bioweapon (ok, engineered virus)? Increasingly looks that way.

The elderly, the unhealthy, and the massively exposed to viral load most at risk of dying to covid19? Duh!

No need to argue the details at the moment.

Now is the time to:

Fortify your immunity with Vitamins BCD-for starters. And start wearing masks.

To cut out sugar, gmo foods, etc. And soda? #gtfo.

Trade in your emf exposure: cellphone, tablet, laptops…wifi- for natural sunlight. Get a tan at lunchtime every opportunity you have. In a speedo. Go back to wired ethernet connections at home.

With these three changes we can get #back2wirk.

Without them, we are on a track to a slow burn of our health, wealth, and freedoms as the political theater of the globalists plays on.