The Ageless Advantage

Would you like the Drive, Focus, & Energy to be a lean mean high achievement machine?

Would you like a step by step, easy to follow, natural, lifestyle program to get you there?

IF SO: you are in the right place and this is your moment.

Hi I’m Mario Hostios, and every day for 30 years I practice, preach, and teach the path of personal development through exercise, meditation, lifestyle and more.

-Here’s what I’ve found…. Human vitality is under ATTACK.causes of death

No, that isn’t a misprint…& it isn’t good news.

Human vitality is under ATTACK.

But you already suspected this; didn’t you?


You have heard about the falling testosterone levels in men; and not just older men…younger men as well. You have heard about the increasing rates of obesity depression and infertility in both men and women.

You see how this effecting your friends, family, and community; increasing rates of heart disease and cancer.

Increasing numbers of young people lacking drive, purpose; living with their parents past age 30…you know something is wrong.

Is it a cultural problem? Sure. But realize this; behavior is downstream from physiology…& human vitality is under attack!

The modern environment is comfortable and convenient, but it is attacking human vitality. …& you are next.

why-you-should-cleanse-and-detox-your-body-featured-imageEvery day, invisible additives in your food & water are stealing away the very essence of your vitality; and make no mistake-your vitality keeps you healthy & vibrant.


For many years, small critical nutrients that feed your natural energy have been systematically stolen from your diet; starving the source of your natural vibrancy.

Things like Magnesium:  “Magnesium is basic to cancer treatment.”Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD


Things like Vitamin D: “I believe [vitamin D] is the number one public health advance in medicine in the last twenty years.” ~ Dr. John Whitcomb, Aurora Sinai Medical Center.

xvitamin_d_overdose_low_res.jpg.pagespeed.ic.jur9axxdx5 copy

-and much more

You know you NEED a solution; You know you NEED guidance;

But you are frustrated, because you don’t know where to begin!

Let me help you with that;

Your solution is Ageless Advantage Lifestyle Program

Ageless Advantage is the step by step, easy to follow, natural lifestyle program to restore the source your natural vitality and insulate it from the continual attack of the modern environment.

Ageless Advantage is a 3 hour program completed in person or live online that gives you the exact tools and steps to:

  • Get the blood tests your doctor overlooks or refuses to do; inexpensively
  • Know exactly how to interpret the results and;
  • Know exactly what you do to optimize those test results next time
  • What supplements to use, where to get them; inexpensively
  • How to execute the program
  • How to eat to support it all

Here is the bottomline: You CAN claim ownership the Drive, Focus, & Energy of a Lean, Mean, High Achievement Machine by focusing on a few key micronutrient deficiencies…or you can ignore this message and hope you don’t end up in the same boat with everyone else.

If you are a fitness enthusiast; this is the missing link that will supercharge your efforts.

Fill out the form to get a 20 minute consultation and find out if Ageless Advantage is a fit for you.




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