Within 2 – 3 days of beginning the Qigong (in combination with cold thermogenesis, apple cider vinegar and Mg oil) that Mr. Hostios recommended, I experienced a profound shift in my attitude towards life.  I went from a deep depression about my health condition (cancer) and the horrible side-effects of its therapies, in particular hormonal therapy aka chemical castration, to a kind of euphoria, a deep appreciation of all the good things I have in my life, and a confidence that things are going to work out fine, including a certainty that my sexuality is in the process of returning (which it is).  I went from terror of the future, i.e., that things would likely be going from bad to worse, to a warm, deep-seated optimism.  Obviously, I wish all this garbage had never happened, but it did.  Now it’s time to calmly and bravely go on with my life.  I know for a fact that I can do that now.  It’s happening.

For what it’s worth, I’m not a “new-agey” type of guy (I was a physics major as an undergraduate), so these results were completely unexpected.  This is among the most bizarre things that has ever happened to me along this 60-year journey on Earth.

I can’t provide my name, because I’m withholding some of the information above from my loved ones.  Having said that, I’d be happy to speak with anyone who might be interested about this other-worldly transformation.  If anyone reading this wishes to reach me, please do so through Mario.

Making this ever weirder, if that’s possible, Mario and I have never met face-to-face; all this has been done virtually.

  • François-Marie A.
  • Los Angeles, CA


I agree with many of the reviewers, Mario is the real deal. I interviewed a number of personal trainers in my area because I wanted to see who was out there and who I thought would be my best fit in terms of getting past some road blocks I’ve continually hit in the gym. I liked Mario because he was the one that actually started calculating everything I said and he started educating me (and continues to still do so) on some things I’ve never really understood about our bodies. I grew up a competitive athlete, am a patient of two different chiropractors over the years and I go to a massage therapist. Over the years (I’m 43 now) I feel like my joints, or to be more specific, my shoulders and knees haven’t felt like they can handle heavier weight resistance anymore. So I’ve been backing off thinking that at some point I’ll be able to rebuild my strength and flexibility so I can start increasing the weight to be able to get to a point that actually challenges my muscles, again. I’ve just felt that my durability and/or stability and range of motion will never be the same compared to when I was at my peak performance as an athlete. Well I have to tell you, Mario introduced me to some new ideas/concepts that I have incorporated into my workouts and I’m doing things in the gym, without pain or instability issues, that I haven’t done in years. I’ve been working with Mario for a little over a month and I’m really impressed with his coaching style and the ideas and concepts he has brought to my attention. Every athlete, and especially every ex-athlete, should make the effort to meet with Mario. He focus’s on specific and unique exercises/routines that help eliminate weird pains you may be experiencing and as a result certainly will increase range of motion, durability and stability. Over time you’ll notice you’ll be able to increase your weight resistance without worrying about injury and all the other benefits will fall in suit: shedding extra weight, shaping your physique and increasing muscular endurance etc. I’ve recommended Mario to the people I care about and I think you will find, and I’ll say it again, that Mario is the real deal. Thanks Mario!

  • E G.
  • North Hollywood, CA


I’ve been exercising with Mario for more that 4 years now, and I had time to appreciate him and
his work. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he is really good company, which make the workout go faster ( I have a very moderate taste for exercising ) but he does take his work very seriously. You can feel that he knows what he is doing, he always has good advice and he is good enough of a listener to know when not to push too hard or when to motivate you to go further, and surely getting you in a better shape at your own pace.

Godeleine!Godeleine, Pacific Palisades



Mario sees the big picture.  Even though I  am mostly interested in improving my golf swing by strengthening specific muscles and stretching others, he has improved my mobility overall.  He seems to know  what injuries I might be prone to, and then works to prevent them from happening.  I have  not only gotten stronger with his program, but more durable as well. My balance is  better, which has  translated into a better golf swing as well as a more confident sense of well being.  He is good at his work, and takes it seriously, but not himself.  We always end up having a  good time in spite of some intensive work outs.  He never pushes you beyond your ability however and that is his forte. The way I see it, I can either pay my doctor for knee replacement, etc., or pay Mario.  I’d rather pay Mario.

Alice- Pacific Palisades


Mario has been my parents personal trainer for years, and one day banged on my bedroom door asking what the hell I was doing with my life, and told me to come work out with him.  At first I was skeptical about all of it, but once it got going, it got going.  I lost 30 pounds in weeks, and gained back the confidence I had been lacking for months.  Mario is hilarious, very knowledgeable about health, diet, and fitness.  He has opened my eyes to kettle bell workouts, and inspired me on a new career path towards fitness.  Every time I leave Mario’s workout, I cannot wait until the next one.

Brian- Malibu


Mario is extraordinary in the realm of personal trainers. I’ve been seeing him regularly (on average once a week) for about 7 years. What I like best about him is that he adapts to his clients… he’s not a one-size-fits-all trainer. If I want to focus on bulking, that’s what we do. If I want to focus on toning, that’s what we do. He’s also a wealth of information about general health and nutrition, physiology, and eastern/homeopathic remedies… he’s like having a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and a teacher, all in one. And he’s funny. I just hope that he doesn’t start charging me more after reading this review.

Ammar- West Hollywood


Many of us go to the gym and do our routines. We think we’re smart and doing the best things for and to our bodies. We often see trainers helping fellow workout buddies. Some trainers are loud. Some bossy. Some stagnant…..always offering cookie cutter approaches to their clients. What I appreciate (really adore) in Mario is his unique view of taking care of his clients in the ways THEY need. He stays current on new standards of exercise and is fluent in obscure health practices that can aid us  in our journey to good health and hard(er) bodies.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.  He’s smart annnnd he’s easy to be with. He makes exercise fun.

April- Santa Monica


Mario is no ordinary “personal trainer”, he is a true health and fitness coach.  I was blown away by his knowledge and professionalism on my first consultation! With Mario’s help I will be ready for my wedding (and wedding pictures) and live happily ever after with energy and vitality.

Lisa- Los Angeles


Mario has an incredible understanding of how to maximize the human body in both appearance and performance. His ability to breakdown the fundamental movements have allowed me to make dramatic improvements in the fluidity of my movement and the symmetry in appearance. Being a college basketball player, i have come in contact with my fair share of trainers. Mario is the best one I have ever worked with. His knowledge of holistic well being, and positive attitude allowed for positive changes in my well- being and subsequently, my life. If your are trying to get smaller, bigger, better, or improve your physical well being in anyway, check him out.

Jordan- Santa Monica


I just took Mario’s workshop and it was great.  He explains everything so clearly, it is easy to understand and easy to explain to your clients. Even more importantly, my clients already feel better! I have quite a few elderly clients who have a lot of limitations, and even they are seeing improvements after only a few sessions. Mario’s techniques are easy to implement, and add a vital component to your workouts. I’ve been a trainer for over 20 years, and I’m actually reinvigorated going to work now. Everyone is happier.

Nancy-Culver City


My family has known Mario for many years and we cant say enough good things about this man, he is one of the best trainers we have ever had. he is truly a master at what he does. he wont recommend anything unless he has tested it on himself and he will not make you do something that you do not want to do. he is great at finding pain and eliminating it through different stretches and exercises. he helped me get over this terrible back injury i had when i was trying to max out on a dead-lift at smc. i had terrible pain at night time, i walked like an old man, getting out of the bathtub was a real challenge, i got depressed and gained more weight than i ever did in my life. after living with this for a year and going through many chiropractors, doctors and acupuncturists i went to Mario for guidance and now my back is almost pain free and i have lost a lot of weight, i can now see most of my abs. i now really believe in what this man is doing. not only is he a great personal trainer but he is one of those rare men you only get to met a few times in your life.

Weston-Los Angeles


After quitting smoking 2 1/2 years ago, I decided it was time to go back to the gym.      I started working out with Mario again (after taking a few years off) and the results have been extraordinary. I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight and feel better both physically and mentally. Mario offers more than just a workout routine, he introduces a new lifestyle of health and well being. One main focus is on “pain free movement” getting the body into shape through stretching so you don’t injure yourself when working out.
This has been a lifesaver for me – He’s always offering special introductory rates to first timers — I’ve recommended countless friends to him and they always walk away satisfied!
Give him a shot, you’ll be happy you did!

Norm-Los Angeles


If you are experiencing any sports-related pain or tightness, Mario is your guy. I sustained a lingering back injury playing D-1 rugby, and after only a couple sessions* Mario has me feeling looser and more pain-free than I have in years (*you can bet your @$$ I have more sessions on the calendar!). Do yourself a favor and go see this knowledgeable trainer who, despite having every right to, will never talk down to you. A rare find!



Mario is unique — in his approach and personal touch.  You’ll never leave sweaty and exhausted — sweaty, maybe — but invigorated and ready to go. The way it should be. His approach is integrative — he’s done it all, from martial arts to archery to competitive swimming.  He’s an expert in all aspects of health and body mechanics and a joy to be with — funny and smart..  Most of all he knows what works and doesn’t waste time on fads.  The bottom line in training is results, right?  Well, in a year of working together my body has changed completely.  Lost the pooch — now I have a flat belly — and even cuts!  He’s really special.  Try one session and you’ll see.

April-Santa Monica


Mario is the best trainer I’ve ever met. In many ways he is the most knowledgeable person I’ve had the good fortune to know. He walks his talks and is the highest embodiment of his profession. I’ve worked with Mario on and off over past several years. He is kind, humble, patient, positve and easy going. He has a masterful ability in making complex or confusing subjects on health and well-being easily understandable. If you are looking for a trainer then you need look no further!

Doc-Los Angeles


As a trainer myself, and one who also seeks many truths when it comes to understanding the body, how it works, and what is best, it is great to work with you.  Your informational workshop about how to combine soft tissue work with stretches and performance was fantastic!!!

Michele B-Los Angeles


Mario seems to know how to nudge me in a gentle way to get me get to the gym I can let my work or what ever excuse get in the way of my health and well being I fully support and recommend Mario.

Sandra- Santa Monica


Mario is an amazing trainer.  Working with him has allowed me the opportunity to come to appreciate the body in a completely new way.  His depth and breadth of knowledge is so comprehensive that it feels safe to trust, let go, and let the Master lead.  His enthusiasm is an inspiration.  Get ready to be rewired!

Jhemma- Venice


I thought I had read it all about fitness.  Mario brought some amazing new insights  and sensible guidance to my physical well being.  Because of my sessions with him I have added a whole new dimension to my work-out routine.   He was well informed of some solid research related to core development and he simplified the process of achieving my physical fitness goals. I feel many people, especially those who are over 40 like myself would benefit from his training.

Mike-Long Beach


Always with a smile and upbeat with lots of good conversation, Mario guides my wife and my exercise programs with Russian kettle bells, Turkish get-ups and even Chinese stress balls.  Yes, Mario has an international repertoire of exercises to keep the work outs diverse and interesting and the result is that we feel better.



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