Sleep & Sun: essential for hormones!

It’s not complicated: less sleep, no sun=less hormones, more fat, more sick.

Bio-mechanical red lights: How to avoid getting hurt exercising.

Gonna keep this short and sweet. People get injured during activities in the gym quite often because they are performing movements…they can’t do yet (due to physical restrictions). It’s not heavy lifting that increases risk of injury, it compensated bio-mechanics. That means a physical inability to move efficiently. This should be distinguished from a lackContinue reading “Bio-mechanical red lights: How to avoid getting hurt exercising.”

Apple cider vinegar; helpful for weight loss and diabetes?

I’ve tried it! Seems to have merit. Must use a good brand. Baking soda good mouthwash after.

Cell Phones=hormone disruptors?

Say it isn’t so! Do I need to keep this thing in a suitcase now?