How a tree became my role model!

                  Hello! Mario Hostios here; today I’m going to share some of my insights into qigong standing meditation (zhan zhuang), and how it led me to chose a tree for my role model! Strange? It gets weirder; let’s get to it. After much practice, due diligence, and […]

meridians, dantiens, & chakras

Sifu Mario here, I trust you are well. If not, then do something about it! Alright; let’s get to it. We are going to pursue insight about Qigong Meditation. Too often it is relegated to the notion of the mystical by it’s fans or discredited as quackery by its detractors. Neither is accurate. Rather, Qigong […]

The Timeline of Zhan Zhuang Qigong Practice

Good Morning Future Qigong Masters! Sifu Mario here; I trust you are well. Let’s address another of these excellent questions brought forth my a group member. (For the previous question, why practice zhan zhuang refer to the discussion board.) What’s the timeline of Practice? Well, my answer is simple, straight forward, and based on personal […]

Why practice Zhan Zhuang?

Good Morning Future Qigong Masters! Sifu Mario here, I trust you are well. Recently, a member in the group and prospective student asked some very salient questions of me that provoked some great conversation. I want to make it available here for you, paraphrasing from memory as best I can. As a member of the […]