Group Programs

A Group Program is a great choice for someone who wants to stretch their dollar further and is ok with a standardized program as opposed to a personalized program. Class size is limited to 6 however, to maintain a high standard of instruction.  Instruction covers exercise, nutrition, and holistic living. Our clients tell us what separates our group training from others is a culture of community, constructive competition, variety, focus, support, and celebration of achievement. I will tell you that, having worked in fitness for over 25 years, the small details that make following the plan easy when you are not in class that makes a big difference too.

The focused goals of group training are:

1. Achieve the body fat standard (12% or better for men, 22% or better for women), because we believe in building big biceps on six pack abs, not a beer belly. We burn fat and develop strength FIRST, big muscles come second, and are optional. But make no mistake; join us and you WILL be lean, strong, and have all day long stamina. We tolerate no exceptions.

2. The restoration of pain free full range movement. Our unique method of functional fascial integration (that is a fancy way of saying brushing and flossing your muscles and joints.) is central to the program. It will prevent injuries, and also:

  • Reverse the symptoms of arthritis
  • Restore the freedom of movement you “thought” was gone forever &-
  • Regain the youthful spring to your step

Do not dismiss the value of preventing injuries. Getting hurt trying to get in shape is no good. Safety first, safety always, leads to long term results. Impatience, and exercises people aren’t ready for is a bad combination.

3. Highly FUNctional fitness! The value of our group training lies in blending our system of injury proofing your body with improving performance. By focusing on exercises that consistently carryover to numerous different activities, you develop physical and mental strength that will translate into any challenge you choose to take on. We make it fun too! Just as important, the athletic power, stamina, and agility you discover within yourself will change your life forever.

Your inevitable achievement from our proven system will make it one of the most rewarding parts of your week…and we will celebrate your success, because it’s our success too!


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