Private Programs

A Private Program begins with an initial evaluation. It includes a bio-mechanical screen to identify potential injuries and evaluate previous injuries. We also check your bodyfat % if improving that is a goal you have and you provide me with a picture of exactly what you want to look like.

howdoyoumoveobesity-53-Skin Fold Calipers







A detailed health history is completed. Corrective exercises and functional fascial integration is then tailored to your specific needs to rehab the old injuries and prevent new ones. In sum, with Private Training you will FEEL GREAT! The specific body-sculpting exercises that will create the look you desire are added to LOOK GOOD, and we will throw in some high performance drills so you can BE AWESOME! Follow up on progress is made monthly.  Nutrition and Supplementation choices are also provided for your due diligence, because it is critically important and cannot be ignored.

What makes my program different and more effective than others you have tried is the focus on natural hormone optimization and bio-mechanical restoration as the straight line to results, and the practical approach of supportive accountability to make it easy for you to follow on a daily basis. In plain english that means I will pat you on the back when you earn it, kick you in the butt when you need it, and keep you on track always.

The bottomline? It works. Results you can achieve, and maintain for the rest of your life.


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