As covid 19 has moved into the forefront of the news and continues to create disruption in our daily lives, here is a summary of links and resources for you to use to take ownership of your health assurance and create confidence in place of uncertainty.

Below are links to nutraceuticals and equipment you can use to boost your immunity.

My take on covid 19 disruption to daily life. 3 short presentations covering the infection, infrastructure, and economy.

Part 1 replay: Infection

Part 2 replay: Infrastructure

Part 3 replay: Economy

Chaga Mushroom – anti viral, known as the mushroom of immortality

Dr Cheng on Vitamin C
You want 25+mg/lb bodyweight ABSORBED. Liposomal C absorbed 80%. Formula: 25 x bodyweight x 1.25= what you consume to absorb 80%. This recipe is 900mg/oz.

Liposomal Vitamin C Items:

Ultrasonic Cleaners: (800ml-2L sufficient for most)

Let’s build a thriving future together.

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