Injury Proof Fitness


The solution to being injury resistant has been elusive…until now.

But it’s really rather simple. Just as your teeth and gums need brushing and flossing in order to ward off tooth decay and gingivitis, so do your muscles and joints need brushing and flossing to avoid scar tissue and arthritis.

More to the point however, it’s the fascial web of your body that is the key structure to brush and floss in order to restore pain free movement and athletic durability. Drawing from the work of experts like Tom Myers, and Paul St John, there is now a system available for fitness instructors and enthusiasts like you to challenge the aches and pains that are holding you back..and win!

  • Better than foam rolling
  • Better than stretching
  • Reverse the symptoms of arthritis
  • Recover more quickly from training
  • Bullet proof yourself from injury
  • Regain the youthful spring to your step

Enjoy pain free full range movement throughout your life

Exercising to look good and be awesome is well defined…here is the key to being pain free!

Our workshop gives you what you need to succeed:

  • Screening process
  • Handout with Pictures
  • Video downloads
  • Post workshop program

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