Don’t overcomplicate; fitness is simple and focus is the key to results. Virtually all goals can be reached by focusing on three primary objectives:

  1. Eliminate excess body-fat. We measure your fat % each month and give you the program and support to reach the minimum body-fat standard of 12% (for males) or 22% (for females).
  2. Develop functional fitness: strength, balance, stamina, and other aspects of performance. We use the time, space, and resources you have available to create the program that will met your objectives.
  3. Develop durability: pain free movement and the capacity to bend without breaking. Perhaps most importantly, we offer the means to injury proof yourself and restore pain free movement!obesity-53-Skin Fold Calipersmenwomen fat%
    PS Pro Agility Ladder











Make sense? Contact me with your questions and let’s get the conversation rolling!


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