Today’s muscles: tomorrow’s joints? (RT please)

            Athletic durability is NOT the same as athletic ability or looking amazing. The endless pursuit of bigger, faster, and stronger often leads to creakier, achier, crabbier While exercising for improved appearance and performance is well defined, improving and PRESERVING athletic durability is not…until now. Let’s get to it. AthleticContinue reading “Today’s muscles: tomorrow’s joints? (RT please)”

The problem of Joint Pain: solved! #1 (RT) #GetSome #DueDiligence

Hello, Mario here, this is what you need to know: A simple, safe solution to joint pain is know gelatin. Just mix 1 tablespoon daily into a liquid or shake and drink it on the spot. It provides collagen, a building block of fascia. Think of it as nutrition for your joints, hair, skin, andContinue reading “The problem of Joint Pain: solved! #1 (RT) #GetSome #DueDiligence”

Hex Bar Deadlifts and Swings: Yin & Yang of whole body lifts

        When sustainable results that deliver tangible advantages in the real world are a must, it’s necessary to carefully chose what exercises you invest your time and effort in. With all of the options out there in the realm of fitness and weight training, making best choices can be overwhelming. Never toContinue reading “Hex Bar Deadlifts and Swings: Yin & Yang of whole body lifts”

Big muscles on a small budget: Add 20 lbs in one year.

Ok this is for the young guys; a common goal they seek from working out is to become, “yoked”, or “dieseled”, “pumped up”, etc. In essence, to become more muscular without getting fatter. Challenge is, young guys often are on a budget, and lazy about food prep. Make no mistake; building muscle or burning fatContinue reading “Big muscles on a small budget: Add 20 lbs in one year.”

3s, 5s, & 8s: realistic sets & reps for long term results…

Alrighty then! No fluff, no bs, no hype. Sure, new years is just around the corner, but if you need that as an excuse to take a path on the road of self improvement, then you are not ready to roll anyway. Activity is fine, achievement is better. Here is the short and sweet onContinue reading “3s, 5s, & 8s: realistic sets & reps for long term results…”

Replace that knee? Try smoothing fascia first…

So “they” are waking up: don’t replace that knee before you try to fix it.

Simple, sustainable, head turning results.

Trends in the industry of fitness come and go, tangents are explored every few years, but the idealized goals of looking “good”, feeling “great” and being “awesome” remain; even if their interpretations are highly personalized. To be clear (and in doing so useful to you) I am going ┬áprecisely define those goals, and tier themContinue reading “Simple, sustainable, head turning results.”

Today’s routine…

Pain Free movement stuff: (each side)1 arm roll, 1 leg roll (each side) 3 hard rolls 60 seconds elvis pelvis (each side) 3 hip clams gluteal amnesia cure: 60 seconds Pretty boy exercises: dumbbell bench presses: 80s, 3×8…90sec 1 arm rows: 90, 3×8…90 sec Functional exercises: Kettlebell Clean & Press: 53s, 3×8…90 sec Hanging LegContinue reading “Today’s routine…”