The problem of Joint Pain: solved! #1 (RT) #GetSome #DueDiligence

Hello, Mario here, this is what you need to know: A simple, safe solution to joint pain is know gelatin. Just mix 1 tablespoon daily into a liquid or shake and drink it on the spot. It provides collagen, a building block of fascia. Think of it as nutrition for your joints, hair, skin, andContinue reading “The problem of Joint Pain: solved! #1 (RT) #GetSome #DueDiligence”

How a tree became my role model!

                  Hello! Mario Hostios here; today I’m going to share some of my insights into qigong standing meditation (zhan zhuang), and how it led me to chose a tree for my role model! Strange? It gets weirder; let’s get to it. After much practice, due diligence, andContinue reading “How a tree became my role model!”