Injury Proof Fitness: ability vs capacity

  In the world of fitness, everybody wants to be buff and tough! Often people achieve these two goals, but at the expense of durability. Translation? OUCH! What did I just pull? Again? Aw man… Ability is identified easily: you can lift x amount, run, jump, whatever, more, faster, better. Improvement is also obvious and […]


CLICK THIS LINK I personally had the privilege to experience Greg and Antonia’s work recently…to summarize they have evolved the muscle testing method (applied kinesiology) both as a diagnostic method and healing facilitation into a more easily teachable method (they teach it) and even use it remotely! Seriously, like quantum stuff! Really cool…and highly […]

Health assurance in your own hands!

An essential Bio-Hack…& more! I know Greg Lee personally, and can attest to the fundamental value of Applied Kinesiology-a method he uses and teaches, among other things. AK is the point of intersection between eastern and wester medicine in my opinion, and a skill set you can have to care for yourself and your family. […]