Skyscraper Sprints: fat burning 10 minutes at a time!

When results matter more than entertainment, go for the biggest bang for your buck, time, and effort. Stair climbing/running is a time tested way to achieve exceptional legs, stamina, and burn fat…fast!!! We refer to them as skyscraper sprints because: It sounds awesome …and I forgot number 2! However, in reality we don’t use a skyscraper, […]

Zone math: the numbers behind fat burning/muscle sculpting nutrition

This is what you need to know: Barry Sears coined the term zone diet A zone diet is 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat (when measured in calories) It’s a great place to begin when seeking healthy, sustainable weight loss Eating organic, gluten free, and low glycemic will make the zone even better. In order […]