The BioHacker Project

The Bio Hacker Project is a White Hat (doing good) movement that seeks to understand human biology and “hack” in congruence with it in order to facilitate the unlocking of it’s hidden potential.

Our mission is empower you to be the best version of yourself by using a systems thinking approach to your biology. The goal is to achieve a renaissance of your body, mind, and spirit which leads to improved performance in all areas of your life.

Diet and exercise is only the beginning; don’t you want more? Move beyond mere fitness, and the commonly held notions of health! Put on your white hat and join the Bio Hacker Project! We teach private and group programs both in person and on the web. We also promote outreach at live events. More Questions? Watch the video, then contact us.



One of the first things we address as BioHackers is gut health, as it effects not only one’s body, but also their mind. A simple but often overlooked “white hat biohack” is to use a squatty potty on the toilet! The enteric nervous system (the brain in your gut) avoids anxiety in this position. It sounds goofy, but what is really goofy is the modern toilet, as it runs contrary to our nature (like many black hat bio hacks) and causes many of longterm problems. Don’t be dopey, our motto is due diligence, test, and decide. Do that. Try phone books if you must:Then click the image to get yours!



Colloidal Silver has a long history as an effective agent against infection. It has dozens of amazing uses that are often overlooked. One of the most intriguing is nebulizing it.   As BioHackers we perform our due diligence, test intelligently, and decide based on reason, evidence, and feedback. Once you join the project, we delve deeper into how to get maximum value out of this amazing substance. Guidelines for safe use can be found here:


The keyword here is EXTERNAL massager! I have one myself and can attest to it’s effectiveness. Better health, better love life. If you are guy, you need 1 of these. GET 1! For those who don’t know, your prostate is the gland that governs ejaculation. Prostate problems…no go time for you bro. This is preventative maintenance. Reproductive health is foundational to overall health. GET 1!






Earthing patches work to speed healing and reduce pain. Try them


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