About Me


Hello there,
I trust you are having a great day.
Here is a quick “about me.” Speaker/Trainer by vocation turned Trader/Investor by the drive to pursue what is over the horizon. Trailblazer. Not afraid to dance on the cutting edge.

I rarely coach privately now but I do facilitate a mastermind group a few times each year. My signature fitness programs are available as ebook/video courses on my home page.

I love to follow the futures markets & I have a passion for helping families settle estates in the local real estate market. I know first hand how confusing & difficult it can be to serve as a personal executor seeking to liquidate assets. If you are serving as a personal representative of an estate in North Alabama and need help with cleaning up, selling real property, or personal property in order to settle the estate and make the heirs whole-I’m here to help- contact me.

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