The rule of 72- not just for money- Qigong implications…

Hello qigong/yoga/tai chi people! Mario Hostios here- biohacker extra-ordinaire.

Let’s share a few moments together and go through a model to derive insight into the seated meditation/prayer and fuel your drive to practice.

Sound good? Ok, here we go…

The Rule of 72, not just for dollars and cents-

Evidence mounts- the torsion model of physics is a more accurate way to comprehend the natural world.

The 3-6-9 model of mathematics and the congruent sacred geometry give us positive feedback in our efforts to align the understanding of the mystical to the scientific.

What does this mean for YOU…as a practitioner?

Well- let’s crunch the numbers shall we?

The recurrent theme of 72 shows up in many of the schools and traditions of yoga/qigong. As in 72 chakras to “open” to complete the process from rebirth, through enlightenment, all the way to transcendence.

The stories of practitioners over the ages often come back to 9 years of practice. That is about 78840 hours or practice total. Yeah, that’s alot.

The rule of 72 relates to the time to double a quantity. It is also implied that the kundalini required to open a chakra doubles with each new chakra opened.

SO- if the event of rebirth- merging prana and apana into kundalini is a 1+1=2 equation, then the growing kundalini units required to take the next step will be 4. Then 8. Then 16. and so on.

How much so on? Well- 2 to the power of 72 = 4.7223665e+21…kundalini units. That my friends- is compound interest!

While this model is not precise to the decimal point- it does highlight an experience reborn practitioners go through- that their rate of progress continues to accelerate the more they practice.

The rate of kundalini generated from practice goes up exponentially each time a chakra is opened. It is also true that the next step becomes a bigger step. Twice as big. Even so, averaged out over the length of the process- the rate of return is beyond staggering.

It is 5.3908293e+16…per HOUR.

How I did get there? I simply divided the total kundalini units generated over the process by the total hours to do it.

Now, this equation is only applicable to students that have merged prana and apana into kundalini first.

Think of it like this; before the rule of 72 can work for you you have to open the bank account. Another topic for another time.

However, once you are in the game of kundalini, like the game of money. That compounding interest quickly goes to work for you.

Like taking a penny and doubling it every day for a month.

Only better.

If you are compelled to pursue this path, know that your every effort is rewarded.

I offer this insight to make this relatable. Every master began- at the beginning. Each of us goes through the same steps. Higher states of being, & a deeper relationship to the divine and the cosmos it created awaits you.

Oh, kundalini…holy spirit? Same thing. Prana & apana…yang and yin? Same.So silly people overlook this.

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