Silver Alert! You should read this now…will you?

As the cyber age emerges, humanity will rediscover the utility of silver. I’m not referring to the idea of silver as money. I’m referring to the forgotten value of silver in medicinal and energy applications.

Oh yeah, disclaimer- I’m not a scientist, or physician, or a credentialed by authority person. I’m just accurate on this. You will regret ignoring me on this one. Listen up.

The hi tech world is built on silver. ALL the gadgets have bit of silver in them to operate. No silver-

No Iphone. No computer. No internet. Silver WAS the number 2 commodity in the world behind oil. It’s now number 1…even though we are about to experience rising energy prices. Like crazy prices.

Which brings me to the future of silver, which is likely a rediscovery of the past. Silver has innumerable and invaluable applications in health; to inhibit infection and facilitate healing. In food production for sanitation.

How shall I put this…recent events are bringing us to a tipping point that will bring pressure to bear on the existing system and open the doorway to appreciation of what silver can do solve the soon to be crisis.

This will be followed by the rediscovery of silver not merely to conduct electricity (it is the best metal for this) but also, and here is the shake the world star trek kind of amazing- produce low cost clean energy.

For the last 50 years the economy of the world has been tied to oil and the petrodollar. Money does not run the world. Energy does- and the house of cards that has been the storefront for that paradigm is going back into the deck to be reshuffled.

Big oil and big pharma are derivative of each other. And they got us this far.

Mark these words: little silver & it’s mom & pop applications are going to move us into the future.

But that is a big picture take, let’s personalize it in a way that can save your ass. Mario Cifaldi, besides having an outstanding first name, is a great guy who makes a great product.

Made a great product. The chip shortage is curtailing his ability to produce his colloidal silver generator.

In my opinion this thing is a MUST have. A peerless value, and priceless health assurance in uncertain times.

Worth every penny. Sell your video game collection and get a

silverlungs generator.

While you can still buy one. Do not wait.

Dollars won’t be useful if things are not available for sale. Medications might not be available.

Oh yeah, walking lunges are great. The future belongs to the healthy and strong. Stake your claim right now.

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