Hips First!

Hello my fellow lifer lifters!

Mario Hostios here, biohacker extraordinaire, timely message about

staying youthful by staying limber and pain free.

Feeling stiff when you wake up in the morning?

Wish you had more confidence in your joints?

Here are the joints that are first in line to fix:

Your hips. Largest joints in the body. Among the first to stiffen.

Stiff hips won’t move, and the deficit of motion must be made up somewhere else- commonly the low back and knees.

SO- stiff hips tend to overburden knees and backs.

Improve the mobility of the hips, and keep them stable. Here are a three stretches and also can be used as tests to check your hips. You don’t have to be as flexible as the woman in the photos, but IF you are way short of this you are sitting on an orthopedic timebomb!

No bueno.

Gentlemen- you too! Good hips is not just a ladies concern.

Keep the hips good, and the rest of the body will tend to follow.

More to follow- but keep this motto in mind- hips first!

Till soon,


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