12.9.21- ageless advantage

Okey dokey smokey;

Putting in a blog entry- will make this a more regular occurrence in 2022. Now, just gotta link this to the revelant social la dee da.

As per my penchant, I talk funny and write funny- yet in my content creation I strive to provide not merely information or entertainment, but actionable intel. I sincerely want to offer you guys the best I got.

So here is a big one: A huge revelation…one I have put to the test, regarding the issue of chronic disease. I have been surprised by how well it works. Here we go.

Heart disease, cancer, & dementia.

All driven by calcium leak. No, I’m not a physician nor a credentialed scientist, but I have read their body of work and used their blood tests to formulate this intel.

As always, due diligence.

The metabolic imbalance that initiates tooth decay & osteoporosis ultimately causes calcium leaks that deposit into soft tissues causing mucho problemas. You have heard of them- they are called stones- or plaque. IF one can grasp this and then take steps to inhibit the calcium leak- one would be proactive toward inhibiting decay.

Stop. Calcium leak. Inhibit decay. That is the ageless advantage way. There are details that I cover in the course, but the important points center on insufficient magnesium, vitamin D, and Iodine causing calcium leak.

The Ageless Advantage program uses the standard but seldom used medical tests to measure these levels and then supplement them to the highest end of the test range.

I think of it as a credit repair program. Pull your scores, and fix them. Raising credit scores lowers the price you pay to borrow money. Raising your ageless advantage scores lowers the price you pay for living life!

Think beyond anti aging, and hormone replacement. The endgame is inhibiting decay. Stopping calcium leak is the way.

Your teeth tell the truth… it’s not to late to stop, & perhaps even reverse- calcium leak.



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