It’s that time again!

The New Year is upon us, and while it’s common and tempting to spend the last few weeks of the year focused on having fun, it’s also a good idea to plan a running start into the year 2022.

It’s not just a new year. It’s a new world.

The cyber age is upon, bringing with it new opportunity; and perils. It is precisely during times like these the the frenetic motion of change can catapult one’s life into great leaps forward…or down the tubes.

Let’s aim for the former.

Health: a renaissance in the health sciences is months away. It will arise, at great cost. The hallmark of the health science renaissance is going to be do it together lifestyle- community collaboration to improve food and water quality, with a renewed emphasis on natural medicinals and physical culture.

Pushups. Herbs. Group exercise and coop farming.

Those who continue to rely on the petro dollar financed sick care system…will be disappointed. Often.

Overweight. Over-medicated. Unprepared to assume ownership of your well-being…yeah, no bueno.

Wealth: In like fashion the cyber age ushers in the digital decentralized ledger- the blockchain. It will effect everything in daily life. This is bigger than the printing press.

It will also require a greater degree of median technological literacy than before. Start learning now how to configure basic computer parts. The time of being able to let your kids handle it while you push the on off button is behind us.

Digital wallets. Private Keys. Cold Storage. Own them.

The sociopolitical order is being recast- soon, the culture that swam awash in self expression and self centeredness is going pivot to a new focus than can be summed up in one word-


What we leave to our posterity- in natural resources, wisdom, & their very genetic integrity…will soon become a front and center topic of discussion. I predict before 2025.

Humanity is coming of age, ready or not, into a period of greater self responsibility, with real challenges to test it’s discernment and judgement.

It remains true than psychology is downstream from physiology. A sound mind rests most ably in a sound body.

Get strong. The cyber age will not be kind to the weak.

Published by Mario Hostios, Speaker, Trainer, Author

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