Sun Circle Walking

Inspired by the teaching of Karl Godwin- I researched asian martial arts and western fencing schools.

In particular, the circle walking of Ba Gua and the stepping patterns of Spanish Circle Fencing, La Verdadera Destreza, stood out as similar and useful for biohackers as not merely a longevity exercise-but as a vitality practice.

Here, I show an adaptation of the idea using Acupuncture Baoding Balls, Cotton Soled Shoes, on bare earth. The circle walking and stepping develops a dynamic balance. The exercising of the baoding balls ramps up the motor cortex functions in the brain.

The environment, sunrise/sunset on a grounded surface further enhances the practice by virtue of adhering to the Acupuncture Medicine Model.

This is a profound practice- offering significant benefit to both beginner and expert, with compounding results over time- An absolute winner.

More on the topic to be shared in my upcoming release- Qigong Secrets Revealed.

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Mario Hostios

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