How to stay strong in the Cyber Age

Welcome to the Cyber Age! As we enter the summer season of 2021, I invite you plan ahead and thrive through the transition from the Information Age to the Cyber Age.


  1. We aren’t going back. The currency bubble has been pricked, the achilles heel in globalization has been exposed. To whit: big efficient organizations are losing out to smaller, resilient organizations…and speed of adaptation is better than stability against disruption.
  2. The emerging trends are: blockchain (fancy way of saying lots of ledgers on computers), tokenization of assets (rather than valuing in currency), automation (acceleration of technology replacing human labor), & non fungible tokens (artists will be able to monetize their work again- yay for music industry and porn.)
  3. The value of employment, dollars, and the relevance of politics is in decline. The corporatocracy is being replaced by the Technocracy. Algorithms & attention rule. Building a following is the new core skill, a strong tribe is the new core asset.

What has any of that have to do with staying strong?

Well, the big gyms, are gonna go bye bye. The use of space & raw materials, are in flux. The ongoing issues of the Viral Age will make gyms first in line to close anytime someone sneezes…and people always sneeze.

I could see today’s gym in a strip mall get repurposed for warehousing. The structure will be worth more money as a warehouse. Just in time delivery is about to be exposed. We will see a panic to automate & warehouse between now and 2024.

That $159 300 lb barbell set you could buy back in 2012? Never again. Material price discovery will quadruple that. Those big weight machines? Waste of precious materials to do one exercise. Repurposed, remanufactured, to move us into automation.

The future of fitness will be in minimal equipment, some live classes, some virtual coaching, & the aesthetic ideals will be more along the line of Tarzan & Jane.

Bodybuilders, ‘roids, giant gyms full of weight machines…that is over.

Hi-Tech Homesteads in the rural areas will be standard with home office & home gyms…but the home gyms will feature adjustable dumbbells, not smith machines. The one thing I’d like to see go (those dumb treadmills) will probably stay. Alas.

The breakdown of the globalized model will make being strong, healthy, & resilient more essential than ever before. You will simply be on the outside looking in if you are not.

The whole world is going to be tokenized on the blockchain…possibly even us. (Social Security Numbers?) Is that a good thing? To be determined…

You cannot afford to be overweight, overmedicated, or technically illiterate in the Cyber Age.

Get in shape. Start practicing presentation on camera. Stock essential items as if there will be shortages (there will be shortages.)

Shine in the Cyber Age!

Published by Mario Hostios, Speaker, Trainer, Author

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