Jim Conway on Employee Retention Credits, the IRS, &…You?

Contact Jim Conway of Blue Pacific Solutions Group at jconway@bpsg.org & tell him Uncle Mario sent you!

A lively, timely discussion with my trusted advisor Jim Conway, wealth strategist at Blue Pacific Solutions Group!

Small business owners- did you know that the IRS is “urging” you to apply for Employee Retention Credits as part of the Cares Act?

It’s true!

The question you have to ask yourself: “Is 20 minutes of my time worth up to $14000…per employee?

The answer is yes!

Here, Jim offers an overview of this program and invites my people to connect with his team and discover how much your business can qualify for! The clock is ticking on this window of opportunity & a limited pool of monies are being claimed.

Ready to claim yours?

Connect with Jim Conway at jconway@bpsg.org. Tell him Uncle Mario sent you.


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