Ice Age Cometh: Where will Food Grow-eth?

As I sit here writing this, the largest state in the lower 48 of the USA is blanketed in snow. El Paso Texas- El Paso! Is a winter wonderland. As El Paso sits right on the Mexico border, it’s safe to say Mexican children will be able to enjoy the winter wonderland in 2021.

Why this is significant; for decades several experts on the forefront of forecasting have been calling for the USA, and world at large, to prepare to adapt to Ice Age conditions, for a very simple reason, they happen in a cycle, and it’s that time again.

Just as the seasons change in a calendar year, there are also longer cycles that stretch over centuries. These are largely driven by the Sun, much more so than industrial pollution. Twice in the last 1000 years we have endured through an Ice Age cycle- around 900 and 350 years ago respectively.

And it’s that time again.

John Casey’s work on Solar cycles and their effect on Earth; increased earthquakes & volcanism, altered growing seasons and locations- points to the urgency for both macro and micro planning to adapt to new- and frankly, more perilous conditions.

As if so often the case; the macro prep is behind the power curve. Our trusted authorities have not informed or equipped us to thrive through this period.

So-screw them and their plan-if they even have one; let’s focus on our plan.

  1. Food. Non-perishable stores of food; 90 days or more, should be discreetly in your possession. The covid crisis pressured the globalization chain in 2020 to maintain the just in time delivery system. The subsequent issues that will follow from crop damage, and recognizing what will grow where through the next 20 years, is going to effect what is available on the shelves in your local store. Most city dwellers have gotten used to ordering food that is delivered in real time. That will not continue. Maintain stores of food, and learn how to cook. Homestead lite lifestyle will return-with a high tech twist.
  2. Location, location, location. ALOT of people relocated in 2020, largely looking for relief from lockdowns, rioting, and cost of living. These are people related problems. What is coming over the next 20 years are Sun related problems. IF the weather in Chicago USA turns into Winnipeg Canada, how many people will stay in Chicago? IF the winter snow season line gets pushed 200 miles south, the crop line will be pushed as well. This is going to push people out of existing population centers in the north and make farmland there irrelevant. Most of the USA relocation even prior to all this was largely in the Southwest and Southeast. MORE are coming. Chicago? It’s screwed by the way. Too big, too corrupt, too far north. Many economic and business people are oblivious to this and making decisions based on an interglacial climate that is not going to last. Translation: don’t buy apartment buildings in downtown Chicago. OR New York. OR Los Angeles. MOVE. But where? Let’s start with where NOT to go…
  3. Shaking, quaking, and baking. John Casey’s book, Upheaval, clearly correlates lowered Sun output with not only colder climate but also increased earthquake and volcano activity. Where is the USA is this most likely to strike? Seattle, Los Angeles, and Memphis Tennessee. How bad will it be? As bad as it ever was. Seattle, though it didn’t exist as a city then, was smashed by an earthquake in 1700. The Memphis area was pounded by several quakes in the early 1800s over several months. Los Angeles’ last bad earthquake was in 1859, before the city was built. None of these three cities (translation-people) are prepared for earthquakes like the ones that are coming. When these happen, today, tomorrow or in 50 years, the damage will make these areas uninhabitable- and will pose the greatest economic challenge the country will face- as the high tech industry is largely based in Seattle and San Francisco (though it is becoming more decentralized as a result of the covid crisis. This is actually a blessing in disguise.)

What’s the bottomline? If you plan on being here in the future, on thriving in the future, you must account for the things not in your control; like Sun cycle driven climate “change”. The Ice Age is HERE- in it’s initial stages, now. How severe will it be? Who knows. I guarantee it will be severe enough to disrupt the comfort of the unprepared.

Now is the time to move; to identify areas further south out of the earthquake zones. Smaller cities over large cities. To maintain a store of 90 days of food at all times. Now is the time to learn and practice some gardening, some sprouting, some animal husbandry. FOOD is the driver of human behavior, and securing it’s provision in Ice Age conditions will be something we will do.

I’m offering a head start here, now, over a panicked response later- but not too far off. It says here by 2024, our growing seasons, locations, crops, and livestock will be in full shift.

Published by Mario Hostios, Speaker, Trainer, Author

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