An open letter to patriots

Many of you are aware & acknowledge the likelihood of corruption within the body politic and financial of the πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and 🌎.

This requires a moral courage to do as it is deeply unsettling to consider that two institutions we so heavily rely on may be rotted from within…& sorrow fills the πŸ’” of broken trust. Kudos you are the πŸ’‘

While compassion may be held for those lacking that courage; we clearly see in 2021 that tolerance cannot. It is simply too heavy a price to pay…as the cost is borne by both the courageous & cowardly.

In like fashion there is a third element of this corruption that is bring utilized against the community of liberty as well…& it is the authoritarian religion misnamed “science”.

Think about it. An engineered virus that strangles the blood of oxygen & defies antibody response- appears out of ??? It attacks adult males & low vitamin d status people more severely than females & children- as it cherry picksπŸ‘‰

the ace 2 receptor for its point of attack. With a prolonged incubation period & crafted staged infiltration- it spreads covertly…& evidence points now that the effects linger chronically as well.

An engineered virus. Death sentence to all who are infected? Certainly not…right away. But we can “fix” that. 😈

Have no fear “science” is here! Big pharma is πŸ‘‘ We have “just the thing” a V word fix!

You can trust us- we are the same cabal who has made πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ overweight, over-medicated, & compromised it’s fertility…yay! Too many of you…eh, we mean “us” anywho-

Take the jab, take 2 it’s fuurrree-(cough cough tax payer πŸ’΅funded) we are here to save you (from the frankenvirus we created?)

THEN- you can go back to work (at the corp plantation) & travel (on the corp transit) & cheer in the 🏟 (gulag for the corp bread & πŸŽͺ)

Its saul goodman!

This. Is. Bullshit.
& it’s a rough day, when you discover, that the authoritarian “science” is lying to you.

Aanndd it’s going to get rougher. The lies will be exposed 1 after another.

My fellow patriots:

Covid 19 is engineered. A trojan horse. These “V” things- are not the solution, & may well function as the 2nd and 3rd tier delivery systems of the attack.

You defend your liberty from political corruption with your vote and protests.

You defend your finances by calling out the financial corruption, & allocating your πŸ’΅ to wealth preservation.

Here is my invocation- you must likewise assume responsibility for your health & here is the πŸ”‘- future fertility, by succeeding…from BIG PHARMA.

Why? Because you have no better option. None. You are being boxed in to a tyranny that is not political (socialism) or financial (lockdown-stimulus) or medical (mandatory testing & Vword)…

My fellow patriots: we are being attacked.

Cleverly, covertly, & biologically. Poisoned. Because we are a pain in the ass off the predator class.

Let’s get real. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ is the home of liberty.

Intolerance to tyranny, to corruption, to injustice. To evil.

The declaration of independence could be summarized in 3 words.


oh- & 2 more…OR ELSE.

And the Patriots of πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ are the ONLY population in the world that holds that torchπŸ—½

To carry it forward in the cyber age, in the spirit of our forefathers, we will need to reclaim ownership of not only the body politic & financial, but also science.

Start with health, as in yours. Jack Kruse, Jerry Tennant are 2 luminaries to follow.

And…well, so am I. I offer myself to you, the patriot community, as a resource.

I stand with you. I won’t let you down. Don’t let me down. Follow, echo, get this out. More is coming.

Vitamin C 5000mg, Vitamin D 5000iu daily, Balanced Zinc 45mg. Daily.

Published by Mario Hostios, Speaker, Trainer, Author

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