2021: Buckle Up

Hello! Welcome to 2021…here are your assembly instructions to construct a great year in the midst of escalating disruption.

The old order is being deconstructed. College, jobs, taxes, investment accounts, retirement, health care, police…the old systems of provision and protection are fading away. Here is what is coming…and it’s coming fast.

The cyber age is here; it is distinguished from the information age in that:

Data is the new currency. Security is the new priority.

You will be hearing the words, “cyber”, and “security” ALOT in the next 4 years.

Think about this; all these “tech giants” are actually data collection companies. YOU are their product, that is why the account they offer is free. Your data is the asset.

Algorithms are now controlling our lives; like mice in a maze we are guided in the directions others have decided for us by the choices they design for us with algorithms.

Example: We want the people to go left- so up and to the left, down and to the left, northwest, southwest-it’s all the same to algo architects.

Now, some people will be oblivious to this. Others will complain. The wise people simply pivot and use the emerging system to their benefit.

To quote a professional football player, “Don’t get used by college football. Use college football to position yourself to thrive.”

Same idea. So-

  1. Practice monetization of every FREE account you have. Create a following, connect them to offers (yours or someone elses’s), cultivate their trust and loyalty by delivering on your promises. 1000 raving fans- great book.
  2. Secure your data. Offline cold storage of all critical data is well…critical. Virtual private networks for online browsing protect your identity and data from theft. Only imbeciles rob liquor stores now. The stealthy hackers are stealing passwords and draining accounts.
  3. Discreet online presence. All is archived, not surveilled. Be mindful of what you say and who you say it to and where you do it. I don’t like it, but free speech is declining. It will re-emerge. Until then, don’t antagonize others for the satisfaction of self expression. You simply jeopardize yourself…and others depend on you.
  4. Start a business. Hire yourself. The two simplest things available are buying and reselling items for profit in the physical world and affiliate marketing in the online world. Taxes are your number 1 expense. You can cut your tax bill while earning money with your business. Got one job? Great. Don’t get a second job. Start a business. Side hustle. Something you can control.
  5. Essential items: The utility of “money” is what it can get you; and essential items like Food, water, medicinals, power/communications, security are going to escalate in price faster than non essentials in uncertain times. Sell your non essentials and stock essentials NOW. Minimum 30 day supply. 90 better.
  6. Don’t get sick. In Corona Proof Your Life I outline my plan for immunity boosting. CDZinc is a winner. Use it. What you do not want is to be dependent on the system, because the reliability of the system is buckling.
  7. Fix your credit. Dollars are based on debt. The cost to borrow dollars re for real estate has never been lower. By fixing your credit (740+ fico) you are positioned to get the best terms on borrowing money for real estate. This gives you options, as some areas will have good opportunities and others will not. Hire an expert to fix your credit. Contact me for details.
  8. Redefine success. Prior to Covid crisis, success was built on the system. Monetizing attention (brand building) was the endgame as it allowed you to leverage the system and outsource all work. NOW, the trend will be Tribal lizing TRUST. Resiliency will be more important than efficiency. McMansions & Lambos will be replaced with bunkers and bulletproof hummers. I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea.
  9. Position yourself in the flow of the coming demand. Downtown restaurants, big universities, the concert business….is OUT. Homesteading, online video, family style living is IN. How can you be a part of Tribal lizing the desired Trust?
  10. Take heart: the coming disruption was assured as the path we were on was unsustainable. Expect to see a huge comeback, like a fat guy who gets serious about getting in shape and taking charge of all aspect of his life. Expect it, because you will be taking action to make it so…as will I.

Till soon,


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