So says the guys that promised 2 week lockdown to flatten curve.

“Pfizer and BioNTech say their vaccine is ‘95% effective’ and has passed safety checks”

I don’t trust them. They are not stupid. Too often people attack the intelligence of others they disagree with.

Big mistake. Virus real. Engineered. Crisis real. Engineered.

Word salads for breakfast lunch and dinner. Testing dubious. False + and -. Vaccine superfluous. Already have vitamins that work better.

Covid brutal on the weak and unhealthy. Males more than females. Adults more than kids. People reinfected=poor antibody response.

Looks like its engineered. But well nourished with vitamins and medicinals you are well protected…and authorities know it.

Why do you see them breaking their own mask and social distance rules? They are well protected…and they wont tell you how they are doing it.

I will.

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