My plan to save Vegas.  “Las Vegas Sands Getting Out Of The American Market At Distressed Prices, Restaurants Closing Shop” on YouTube

Hospitality, entertainment, tourism all taking a severe beating this year. I forecast Gambling going online and legalized nationwide as we move thru currency crisis. Only fans will supplant Vegas Strip Clubs.

None of this bodes well for Vegas. Nevada- you are on the clock to stabilize your metro area economies. Vegas, Reno, Carson City- what can you do to attract trending business to the area.

Here are some suggestions. Anti fragile industries and growing trends. High end corporate health retreats. CBD Central, research, production, & distribution. Blockchain valley. New Nasa.

You can do this Nevada. Pivot Vegas & Reno in the next 4 years. They are relatively small cities. You need 300000 new jobs- not tourism based. Tourism wont die completely- but only a fool would lead Vegas in the same direction as before- and only morons would follow.

Published by Mario Hostios, Speaker, Trainer, Author

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