Pre Game, or Pre Fight?

The theme of week is pre; pre election, pre riots, pre views, pre fight. I see two fighters squaring off eye to eye, nose to nose, cameras flashing, and alot of talking shit.

Im not referring to Trump & Biden.  Or any other political officials.I talking about Right vs Left America. I’m talking about the people.

In times past there was a dynamic tension between the Right and the Left- a creative balance that gave birth & rebirth to the ideals espoused in the Declaration of Independence & formed in the US Constitution. I refer not to government, or Republican & Democratic parties, but instead the philosophies of conservatism and liberalism.

Defining the terms-in their original essence. To the best of my ability:

Conservatism: the intelligent use of resources, allowing for their renewal and therefore beneficial use in perpetuity for both us & our posterity. A sort of stewardship of the mankind’s world via a congruent social order with nature. Details-recognition of order, the natural order observed in nature, and the syncing of collective human behavior with that order-for benefit of all. 

Liberalism: The notion of individual sovereignty within the collective. The rule of law over kings (elite really- one king cannot rule alone), and equal rights before that law. Note that liberalism is NOT freedom- freedom is anarchy, mad max world, might makes right. I’ll take liberalism any day over freedom…provided it exists in a order that respects & honors rule of law. I’d argue the Libertarian party is more liberal than the Democrat party in 2020.

And that there, is the problema.

Are WE living in congruent social order?

Do YOU live under rule of law in 2020? 

How often is the US Constitution ignored? By both political parties btw.

My take; if WE don’t want to follow the law anymore, then change it. Amend the constitution, IF you can. At least then we are being honest and clear, with ourselves. Maybe we don’t want to be as our forefathers conceived us. If so, say so…in writing.

Clear the confusion and throw the rotted word salads in the trash. Yeah, but…

Instead, we live in a passive aggressive disorder, touting our laws, while flouting them constantly.

It’s no wonder everyone is so hopelessly confused by the words we use these days. We are also pissed off the point we are out of patience. 

Is the Republican party conservative? HA! Are the Democrats liberals? YEAH RIGHT. Is our form of government conceived as a democracy? (NOPE- it WAS a republic) The fallen state of democracy is mob rule- i.e. disorder…is this coming soon to a major metro area near you?

More to the point- are you ready for the disorder? The American RIGHT & LEFT- the people, are about out of passive aggression- and so active aggression is coming. 

It’s not good news, but it IS good INTEL.

& in uncertain times, you need intel more than you need “news” 

INTEL is more important than NEWS.

News is passive, INTEL is to be acted upon.

Corona Proof Your Life is the action plan for the incoming intel.

& the dynamism between the RIGHT & LEFT has died away.

The marriage between RIGHT & LEFT is over. 

The divorce is next. & it could be ugly. 

Corona Proof your Life is your lifeline, your life guide thru this uncertain season, and into the whatever season comes next. 

Published by Mario Hostios, Speaker, Trainer, Author

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