The twilight of blind trust-#msmlosers

Losers. Slow. Desperately trying to hold your trust- as they fail, fumble, and lie about dealing with covid 19 virus, plandemic response, and more.

While you wait to be tested (with questionable tests) and vaccinated (with a vaccine that doesn’t exist) why not estimate your D level with the FREE Dminder app and then elevate it to 70ng/ml with a 6 month supply of Vitamin D that will cost you about $12?

I know most of you are following these authorities out of habit. You are invited to follow me, and prove what I offer for yourself.

In the USA, where I live, cancer, heart disease, and dementia are exploding. We are overfed with poisoned food, overmedicated with drugs that have crippling side effects, and encouraged to consume, junk- food, medicine, and entertainment…all that is beginning to unravel.

Watch for the trend of home cooking, homeschooling, home medicnals, home based businesses, to emerge as both a solution to covid 19. Better yet, get at the head of the trend-and lead.

2020 is the twilight of blind trust- and this is a good thing. The authorities are unworthy of blind trust. For years they have been creating the problems they seek to solve by incrementally curtailing the liberties of the governed. Be it incompetence, or maliciousness- why do we pay the price for their decisions?

Corona Proof Your Life. Wake up, grow up, and join a community of self ownership & collaborative empowerment…and do it FAST.

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