Smile For Your Stomach: Happiness May Guard Against Deadly Gut Infections – Study Finds

Invert these findings: gut health is the foundation happiness is built on. Fermented foods that maintain probiotic balance are the key to gut health and mental health as they facilitate the production and use of neurotransmitters to the brain like serotonin.

SSRI drugs, like Zoloft, likely to become scarce due to break in supply chain.

People are showing signs of anxiousness these days eh? For some random reason that escapes me at the moment.

Add fermented foods to your diet…especially if you are on SSRI drugs.

Take an epsom salt bath and get a tan.

Together these 3 things will naturally support your gut health, mental health, and immunity.

You may not be able to get your SSRI drugs easily in the future. Prepare.

Published by Mario Hostios, Speaker, Trainer, Author

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