Immunity too low- tension too high. Solutions. Read. Do.

C’mon America. Speedo & a suntan at lunch. Epsom salt bath before bed.

Predictably, a spring filled with uncertainty and disruption of our daily lives has set the stage for civil unrest this summer.

Be better than the challenges you face. Let me show you how. Here we go.

Average Vitamin D is too low in the USA. Estimates are that it’s around 23ng/dl. We NEED it to be double or triple that. Wanna get covid19 behind us faster? Get a tan if you can this weekend. Sat and sunday at lunch.

If you have dark skin and don’t tan easily, then you cannot afford to neglect getting a tan. It will raise your Vitamin D levels naturally, which will raise your immunity and ease your angst. Do it. Don’t burn, but get sun asap.

Take epsom salt baths. 2 cups of epsom salt, 1/2 tub warm water. 40 minutes. If you dont have a tub, soak your feet in 1/2 cup epsom salt and foot bath every night. The magnesium from the epsom salt works with the vitamin D to boost immunity and ease anxiety.

Psychology is downstream from physiology. We are depleted of Vitamin D and Magnesium. Fix yours. Spread this message.

I’m serious. Be part of the solution to rioting and looting. Compose yourself, and lead by example.

Published by Mario Hostios, Speaker, Trainer, Author

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