At protests, mostly white crowds show how pandemic has widened racial and political divisions

Ugh: Message for everyone: Want to end lockdowns and get back to work? Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and masks…for everyone. A month supply costs $4. Don’t confuse the infection with political 🎥.

We can get back to work & end the lockdown…for $4/month per person.

Vitamin C 25mg/lb bodyweight. Vitamin D 5000iu, Zinc 50mg…daily. (adults)

Do you realize where we are headed IF we the public continues to:

1. Passively wait for officialdom to save them-not enough time.

2. Complain about infringement on civil rights (accurate) while defiantly refusing to exercise their rights responsibly? (protest? Ok, wear a mask and take vitamins…demonstrate we can handle ending the lockdown).

More dead bodies. Return to lockdown. More economic pain.

Andrew Cuomo said it last week: Govt has done what it can do, rest is up to. you.

Who is ready to stop bitching, stop waiting(for tests and vaccines), and take action to keep their loved ones off the casualty list?

Is that you? Then take your vitamins. Wear a mask. Forward this message. Fast. We have alot of people to reach, and time is getting short. Thank you.

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