Duh: stoopid. Proximity is risk. Vitamin C is solution. “Coronavirus ‘could be sexually transmitted’, say scientists looking into disease”

Coronavirus ‘could be sexually transmitted’, say scientists looking into disease. https://tiny.iavian.net/zo2a

Irritating. People are being infected by sharing space and surfaces. Proximity to & concentration of viral load appear to be the key to infection and its severity.

Of course one could pick it up from sex. Covid19 has HIV inclusions in it.

Hookup culture done…for now. You are an idiot if you are still in that game.

Covid far worse than any STD, and far more contagious.

If you have a mate or significant other, protect each other with high dose vitamin C (50mg/kg bodyweight absorbed).

I share this because I want to protect you from danger you may not recognize.

Please take heed.

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