Injury Proof Fitness; more important than ever

Posture a photo; biomechanics a video. Smoothing out the soft tissue Improves both.

I know I’ve been posting alot on covid19…and by now you should be ahead of the power curve and well fortified with lots of Vitamin C…

YOU are arent’ you?

IF so, then read on, if not, get that handled in the next 48 hours. Vitamin C Link here


So, USA on lockdown, gyms closed…yet maintaining fitness, health, and para immunity more important than EVER.

What to do? Keep it simple and work with what you have. For starters, bodyweight strength training is your best choice, as you can do it anywhere. Even advanced trainees will come back to bodyweight training; because it works.

  • 8-12 reps, 3-5 sets, 2 minute rests, Twice a week each movement category
  • Movement categories: Upper body press, pull, Lower body squat, deadlift; core (abs and low back), cardio work
  • You can do all 6 movements in 2 sessions a week, but I would suggest rotating them in 4-5 shorter sessions to maintain a schedule and minimize fatigue and soreness.

The key point: do not get hurt. The medical system is burdened with covid19, so your workout injuries aren’t going to get first priority. No daredevil stuff.

The key tool: a trigger point massage stick. Just as your teeth need brushing and flossing, so do your muscles and joints. The stick massively contributes to injury proofing your body, and should be used at each session.

Dental floss for your muscles and joints
Old School jump rope remains one of the best exercises you can do. 10 minute sessions.
You can brush and floss your entire body to restore and maintain injury proof fitness.
The pushup: 3-5 sets 8/12 reps. 80% of America can’t do this.
A map of the shrink wrap. The network that connects muscles together.
Use what you have to work your legs and save your knees and back. Split Squats. Jugs of water will work instead of weights.

Summary: 2020 is the year of no more excuses. Covid 19 has disrupted daily life and the only place to go from here is forward; no going back.

Sick care will be replaced by a renaissance of the health sciences. Globalization will be replace by MadeInAmerica. Borders will be respected and maintained for their original purpose: to protect the people within them.

The future belongs to the fit, healthy, para immune people who create families, maintain communities, and adapt with innovation to the fast changing conditions.

Be one of them.

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