1st responders, healthcare workers, supply chain workers: Vitamin C & Zinc lozenges, #covid19

500mg Vitamin C lozenges. Zinc

My story on Zinc. If you are not testing you are guessing…so I got a blood test. I supplemented 50 mg of zinc citrate a day for 6 months (this is more than us rda of 15-30) There is a optimal ratio of copper to zinc, and if that is out of balance either way it can cause problems.

To my surprise, supplementing at double the us rda got my zinc levels to…adequate, not optimal!

What this could mean? The foods we eat are demineralized…alot. If it isn’t in the soil, it isn’t in the food. But it could also mean that the supplement I was using wasn’t being fully absorbed.

The bottomline was/is, that in my case, 50 mg/day of zinc just got me adequate, not optimal levels of zinc. And I’m a middle aged middleweight, what if you are elderly and overweight?

It’s likely you are way deficient in both Zinc and Vitamin C, and the para immunity effect of optimizing both will offer tremendous protection to covid19.

Frontloading the Zinc and Vitamin C is worth considering: perhaps 100 mg of zinc a day for 10 days, & 14 grams of Vitamin C a day for 10 days. Then cutting those in half, but being ready to jack them up again if you feel you need the para immunity support.

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