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Takeaways: increasingly, the reports from the front lines of the fight against covid19 form a picture all but shouting that nutrient deficiency-vitamins, minerals etc, is a real risk elevator.

In particular, this article points out zinc deficiency, (and alludes to magnesium deficiency as that is a major contributor to high blood pressure) as things we MUST address to restore our immunity to its NORMAL degree of function.

Yes, most Americans are living with suppressed immunity. How can you find that shocking?

We are overweight, over-medicated, succumbing to heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

This can be fixed…but not by your doctor. Not by healthcare. By YOU.

You are in a race against time right now to restore your god given immunity. Are you ready to run?

Here are the blood tests that verify if you have adequate zinc and magnesium. Ignore the lower end of the range- that is like getting a d or c- on a test…you NEED an A on these tests. These tests can be obtained from http://www.requestatest.com. Samples reports of the tests can be downloaded there as well. The results you want for them are:

Red Blood Cell Zinc Test: A=1400-1571 ug/dl (copper and zinc maintain a good ratio in this range.)

Red Blood Cell Magnesium A= 6.0-6.8mg/dl

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