Covid19: 3/23/2020 short term forecast

Good morning; as regards the impact of covid 19 on your daily life there is one word that sums it all up…disruption. The response of your friends and family to this disruption can run the gamut of human response- from panic to willful ignorance. You need to do better than that, not only for yourself, but for those who rely on you. Pay attention: give me 6 minutes now.

Good news; you are better than your fears, your uncertainty. Greater news; it’s going to take the best you have to live up to the challenge before you. You can do this…and you are going to because you have no better option. So- no indecision, no inaction.

Let’s get to it.

There are 3 aspects to account for in the near term to adapt to the disruption to your daily life.

  • infection/health
  • economy/money
  • infrastructure

Let’s break them down and get to action steps.

  • infection/health. I’m going to make some statements. Ask some questions. Offer some answers. You may need some time to digest this and arrive at your own conclusions. Fine; give yourself 48 hours, but no more. Here’s why:

covid 19 is a bioweapon. It survives intact on surfaces much longer than organic infections, is much more contagious, with a (24?) day asymptomatic period, attacks the body with aspects of SARS, MERS, and HIV. It hits men harder than women, adults harder than children. There are reports of people being reinfected after recovering, and males who have been rendered sterile from the infection.

So: if it isn’t a bioweapon, it sure works like one- silently spreading among people, killing some, wounding many, and sterilizing males. If I’m right, covid19 was made to beat the system it is going up against, and I’m not referring to the human body, but the modern (soon to be obsolete) hospital system. Translation?

Your health is your number 1 priority now. STOP waiting for the hospital system to test people and develop a vaccine. Takes too long, probably won’t work, and besides we have in your hands something that works RIGHT NOW.

Will you claim it? Will you buy your vitamins and spend the time you must to learn how to use them? You have no better option: Get these asap.

High ROI foods: Sardines, Sprouts, Rice, Beans, Coconut Oil, Pink Sea Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar. Must have medicinals: Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Chaga mushroom, Colloidal Silver with Nebulizer

Real world feedback continues to accumulate that these items are effective at prevention and treatment of covid19, and your overall health will be positively effected by this anyway. DO THIS. No bullshit excuses. I will go in detail on each of these items later this week, but that detail doesn’t matter IF YOU DONT HAVE THE STUFF U R F&cked. Get the stuff, then we will cover how to use it.

Forecast: the hospital system will become less reliable, it will run short on medications (used to made in china) and money. Which brings me to my next point:

  • Economy/money. The economy was largely built on confidence. The movement of money buying and selling goods and services has been broken by the cessation of production of goods. Made in China basically ended in January 2020. That includes the 80% of prescription drugs that were made in China and used in the US. (Who are the miserable dipshits who thought exporting our prescription drugs production to China was a good idea?).

The government will try to solve this problem with financing and get us back to how things used to be. But we are never going back. You can fix a supply problem with financing. You only fix a supply problem with production-which will eventually resumed in the US. But not before some pain. Yes, Made in America is gonna come back strong. Yes, it’s gonna suck getting there. Globalization is over. Made in America is coming soon.

But right now, you need some small bills in your possession. We are headed to toward a bank holiday, bail outs, bail ins, negative interest rates (that’s being charged rent to keep your money in the bank- and NO, they won’t let you take it all out either.)

Essential GOODS (food, medicinals, water, backup power, communications & security), matter even more than digital dollars now. Essentials skills as well. I’ll talk on that soon. Beyond a stack of 1s, 5s, and 10s, precious metals and cryptocurrencies (things that had little use before the disruption) will likely rise in price as there value is recognized. If you have time and resources AFTER your get your essential goods, get these as well.

Yep: greatest depression is here. Let’s make it short and sour. Embrace the suck, laugh at the pain, and rip the band aid off. Then, NEVER, let this happen again. Globalization? NEVER. Open borders? Ha ha! NOW, they are closing the borders. I say take away the keys from the dipshit politicians. The open borders people are now discredited. Oh, by the way, the dysgenic effects of feminism on family life? That’s over too. Make amends with your relatives, the system is not gonna save you, but your family might, if you aren’t a complete jerk. Children need 2 parent families, and 2 parent households need extended family. End of story.

  • Infrastructure. Just in time delivery systems are in the process of failing. We will see the return to warehousing items and regional but not national or international distribution. You know, kind of like the prepper who has 3 months of food and water at home just in case there is a disaster. First responders- firefighters, sheriffs, hospital workers, & TRUCK DRIVERS, must be maintained. Both the systems and the people. They deliver when we are in need. If you know a first responder, Please send them to this article.

In the microcosm of your life: time to start thinking like a prepper. Maintain an inventory of essential goods. Develop an inventory of essential skills. Get the word out and get your people on board. We don’t have to hoard from others; not goods, and not information. Instead, an orderly spread of essentials is in order, but that means you step up and claim yours first.

Summary: Disruption is here, and we are going thru it, forward, to the future. There is no going back; that thinking will get you killed; literally. Instead, accept our present circumstances, take action, position you and your people for a thriving future.

  • Get your essential items. I have listed food and medicinals here.
  • Get your small bills.
  • Get your head right.
  • Come back here for more.

Best, Mario Hostios

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