CoVid 19: March 1st Prep checklist

Prepared not scared. Yes you can.

Hello and welcome. Time is short, so I’ll get to the point. Beyond that, I will summarize action steps you can complete that will give you security and confidence in the uncertainty surrounding how covid 19 can impact your daily life. For a bonus, I will add a few things that you won’t find anywhere else.

Sounds good? Here we go.

The co vid 19 outbreak in China HAS effected the supply of goods available to the rest of the world. Expect to see a dwindling supply of these goods available to purchase beginning March 2020 and escalating throughout the year. GET your stuff NOW.

You need:

  • 30 day supply of food and water in your possession. More might be better, but 30 day supply is the first step to complete. Canned fatty fish like sardines & mackerel provide storable protein and omega 3 fats. Coconut oil provides healthy fats for cooking. Rice and beans provides carbs and complete proteins when combined. Seeds that can be sprouted provide veggies that are storable, inexpensive, and superior in nutrition to the fully realized plant. (broccoli sprouts 20x more nutrition that broccoli stalk.) Include these items in your inventory. & get water, more than you think you need. A filtration unit like a big berkey is even better.
  • Vitamins for immunity. B complex (b-6 in particular), Vitamin C (powder better value than pills) Vitamin D (sunlight vitamin-that is really a hormone). All contribute to immunity, lower inflammation, and are inexpensive. For $50 or so you can buy enough for 2 people to last months. The fatalities to covid 19 appear to be related to a cytokine storm (inflammation), and these vitamins will contribute to lessening the storm.
  • Natural medicinals for treatment. Chaga mushroom has been demonstrated to exhibit anti-viral action and reports have come in from people using it successfully in treatment. You can buy the powder and make a medicinal tea of it. You will need to search the web to get details on the use, but it’s straightforward. You are going to need this; perhaps as a ongoing medicinal. Get it.
  • Colloidal silver and nebulizer. I have personally used and seen this combination work with astounding success against a multiple infections with dozens of people over the last decade. Covid 19 attacks the lungs, inhaling a vapor of colloidal silver sends the vapor directly to the site of the attack. I’m not a physician, nor do I give medical advice, but I will offer my testimonial here-

“IF don’t have a nebulizer and colloidal silver in your possession…I worry for you.”

And of course: The common suggestions: masks (which can be sanitized in a few hours of sunlight and reused if necessary) gloves, retraining yourself and others to bow rather than shake hands and hug. Bleach, vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide to sanitize your environment. Toilet paper and soap.

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