The problem of water quality and security: solved!

Hi, it’s me Mario, and this is what you need to know:

The water coming out of the tap is suspect at best, and bad at worst. It also is vulnerable to contamination, for instance, in an ecological disaster. For those of you who are already convinced this is a problem, I will get to solutions below. For those of you who aren’t convinced, some simple due diligence on youtube about water quality, fluoride, pesticides, birth control pill run off, and hormone disruptors in the water will give you some information to make up your own mind. NO, I’m not going to give you the links. Get off your “ass” and do some homework.

Ok, now for the people who already know that water quality is a problem, and are ready to take action, here are the solutions:

Several independent studies has shown the berkey filtration system is consistently the #1 most effective at cleaning your water. The active pieces of the system are the elements (black) and flouride filters (white). They can be set in a container like the berkey light (blue), or the stainless steel big berkey. For $250 to $300 you water will be as clean as it can be! The difference between the two units is the durability of the plastic vs the stainless steel, and also the big berkey can configure 4 elements/filters to clean the water faster. That’s it. If cost is an issue, you can obtain your elements and filters only, and make your own tank system from plastic containers. No, I don’t get paid for recommending berkey (although I should look into it). It’s what I bought and use.

And don’t forget your shower! Berkey also has a solution for that as well.


This is the number #1 thing I recommend to people when they want to begin healthy habits. Organic food doesn’t mean much if your water is compromised. Get this done. Here is the Patriot Nurse on youtube expounding on why. Next time I will add in some information on how to infuse your newly purified water with life force energy! pf2_sm_01


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