Young Men: 5 reasons why your first car should be a truck

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The Holy Grail of “first cars” for young men: The used ford ranger super-cab.

Youngbloods: Here are the top 5 reasons your first car should be a truck.

  1. You are broke (your parent’s money doesn’t count.). You can’t afford a new car.You can buy a used truck for far less than a new car. Furthermore, you can sell a used truck for more than a used car when you are done with it. The reason is simple; a truck is a work vehicle. Someone will always want to have a work vehicle, and the condition/age of a work vehicle doesn’t matter; it’s reliability does. You can’t say that about a car. As soon as the car’s condition declines, or it’s age advances (even if it is in good condition), it’s desirability declines as well. Why pay $30000 for a new car when you can only sell it for $10000 in 5 years? Instead, buy a used truck for $5000, and sell it for $3000 in 5 years.
  2. You need to earn money. You don’t need all those seats in a passenger car. You aren’t married, & you don’t have kids yet. (Yes, I’m assuming that, and if this is your first vehicle, and you should assume that position as well.) You are a young man, this is your first vehicle, you need: transportation, and the ability to work and earn a living. A used truck fills both needs. With your phone, a dolly, and craigslist you have the ability to get work on the side by helping people move their stuff for cash. Now your truck is paying for itself and you can do this as often as you need to. Get a used truck with a super-cab and the stepchild seat in the back and now you can roll three deep with your buddies and put cash in each others pockets. Compare that to driving in a prius your dad pays for and playing video games in your “free” time. Just make certain you report to Uncle Sam about that cash you are earning. I would hate to see Uncle Sam not get his cut…like he does from your real job.
  3. People won’t mooch off you as much. When your vehicle is a truck, your friends won’t be as likely to ask you to drive when socializing. Reason is simple; you don’t have enough seats and your truck isn’t sexy enough! This is a good thing for you. You don’t want your vehicle to be the “party mobile”. Let somebody else do that. Avoiding that saves you gas money and wear and tear. Let other people spend money on their vehicle, you make money with yours.
  4. You will man the f*ck up. I am appalled at how many young men can’t change a tire, or use a basic set of tools. Let Uncle Mario formally apologize on behalf of all the old guys who FAILED to teach you what men need to know. I’m trying to make amends now by urging you to get a used truck. A truck is a man’s vehicle by and large. It reflects the basic tenants of problem solving, intelligent labor (teamwork), and engineering. Science doesn’t become technology until engineering takes place. This has, and likely will remain, the responsibility of men. Live up to it. Get a truck, a dolly, and a basic set of tools. You and two friends learn how to use all three.  For the women who take offense at this I ask, “Do you prefer to keep the company of incompetent men?” No? That’s what I thought, shut up.
  5. You will build your self esteem & confidence. Confidence is like a bank account. It grows from deposits. Competence builds confidence. Male competence will always be defined by protecting & providing. It’s primal. With your truck, you are a solution provider. Give a man a way to be useful and make a difference and you make the world a better place. Be a do-er. Help an old lady move her junk, an old man get the dryer he bought home from the store. It’s rewarding, try it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               What you are looking for: A compact size used truck with a super-cab is what you want. They are better on gas mileage, and the super-cab gives you the flexibility to put a third ass in the truck via the stepchild seat when you need it. (the super-cab also is the place for your kettlebells, just loop the seatbelt through the handles…you do workout right?) The ford ranger , which was discontinued in 2011, is my favorite choice. Get one with a stick shift they get the best mileage(and you will learn how to really drive). There are TONS of these in the used truck market, and even in Los Angeles I commonly find used ford rangers in great condition for less than $5000 on craigslist. They are inexpensive to own, can earn you money, and have resale value when it’s time to sell. In addition, you will reconnect with your primal man skills. Young men; get a used truck, and become a better man.

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