Qigong: key 2 the future?

imgres-1Sifu Mario here, I trust you are well. Today I am going to rant (not my choice of words, that is feedback…so be it) about Qigong and it’s applicability to others areas of life. This might offend, but in the interest of offering food for thought, that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Just remember; if you don’t like everything I have to say…you are in excellent company.

If you have been paying attention at all, you will note from my previous emails and posts on the discussion board that it is my opinion (my informed, experienced opinion) that Qigong Meditation (specifically the standing posture Zhan Zhuang) is unparalleled as a means of attaining health, vitality, and sanity in the body/mind of the practitioner. This is so because:

#1 it taps the primordial energy of creation in both it’s yin (gravitational) and yang (solar)  expressions and circulates it to a state of balance and equalization with the student.

#2 it is a singular method to practice and master.

In summary, Qigong is likely the best form of meditation and exercise to attain health, vitality, and sanity extant. (This does not imply you will be “yoked” or “hawt” you gotta hit the gym for that.)

Now, having checked off the human need for exercise and meditation, let’s address “health care”

Qigong meditation is thought to be derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (rather, I suspect that TCM; ie acupuncture) is actually derived from Qigong. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a far better system of “health assurance” than western allopathy which I characterize as disease and trauma care. When I have an issue, I go for the needles before I go for drugs and surgery, and I know I am not alone. It should be noted however, that acupuncture is a application of Qigong Meditation. Qigong Meditation eventually becomes “treating yourself without needles” if you persist. Hence the countenance of accomplished practitioners that are unaffected by age, disease, or infirmity to the very end of their lives.

So, Traditional Chinese Medicine is an application of Qigong Meditation…get it?

Beyond exercise, meditation, and medicine however Qigong can be applied in other ways.

Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla were active in these applications 100 years ago. Viktor’s motto was, “comprehend and copy nature”. Viktor, an Austrian forester, thought very much like a Taoist! While neither is known to have practiced Qigong, both (and others) recognized the dual opposing forces (yin & yang) and the dynamism between the two that sustains creation. From water to farming, and energy production, the truly creative, attentive, and innovative thinkers like tesla and schauberger were on the cusp of finishing the foundations for a sustainable culture based on the balance of yin & yang…100 years ago.

Do you get it? To comprehend and copy nature is to develop the means to achieve clean water, clean food, and clean energy…for the mainstream.

But it didn’t happen. Instead we have an unsustainable culture. To keep it simple, our means of energy production and use is largely centered on blowing shit up. Oil, coal, fission, all of this amounts blowing shit up. Blowing shit up pollutes. It’s all yang, with no balancing yin. Our technology has not improved as much as you believe. We have only discovered more ways to power things that rely on blowing shit up. Once we run out of shit to blow up, and/or the waste from the explosions poison us to death; we are toast.

Instead of relying solely in explosion, we must learn to include implosion into the equation.

The sun is a good example. It gives off energy, but (to our best understanding) that energy is produced by implosion. It is fusion reactor, a balance of gravity and solar power that makes it immortal (compared to us). 4 billion years and counting (our best guess), that is the example we need to follow if our culture is to endure.

Mainstream science was pulled into a tangent 100 years ago, away from “comprehending and copying nature” and driven into blowing shit up. It will come to an end, the question is how.

Qigong offer the means to end the era of blowing shit up with the silent hum of implosion engines that use sound, geometry, and crystals to run on yin/yang. Open source, scalable, blueprints for technology to clean water, replenish soils, and facilitate healthy agriculture. Preventative medicine, and transformative exercise and meditation.

Or we can just obsess over our phones, bank accounts (abstractions extracting resources), and Caitlyn Jenner…until there is no more shit to blow up.

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