Zone math: the numbers behind fat burning/muscle sculpting nutrition

This is what you need to know:

  • Barry Sears coined the term zone diet
  • A zone diet is 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat (when measured in calories)
  • It’s a great place to begin when seeking healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Eating organic, gluten free, and low glycemic will make the zone even better.
  • In order to execute it successfully, you must learn a little food math, and portion sizes

Food Math

1500 calories/day on the zone: (we estimate calorie needs based on desired bodyweight, current body fat %, and current body temperature.)

40% carbs is 600 calories or 150 grams (carbs 4 calories/gram)

30% protein is 450 calories or 113 grams (protein 4 calories/gram)

30% fat is also 450 calories or 50 grams of fat (fat is 9 calories a gram)

This numbers become your guide for reading food labels and estimating what you are doing. Once you have verified this against your portion sizes, you can rely more on your portion sizes.

More to follow on portion sizes shortly. Remember the first goal: 22% body fat if you are female, 12% if you are male.

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