Today’s routine…

Pain Free movement stuff:
(each side)1 arm roll, 1 leg roll
(each side) 3 hard rolls
60 seconds elvis pelvis
(each side) 3 hip clams
gluteal amnesia cure: 60 seconds

Pretty boy exercises:
dumbbell bench presses: 80s, 3×8…90sec
1 arm rows: 90, 3×8…90 sec

Functional exercises:
Kettlebell Clean & Press: 53s, 3×8…90 sec
Hanging Leg raises: 3×8…90 sec

Fascial smoothing done to muscles and joints between exercises.
Total time: 32:00
hmmnn…pictures would probably help yes?


About The BioHacker Project

Mario Hostios, founder of the BioHacker Project, has 30 years of experience in the field of developing presentations and programs for high achievers seeking peak performance.
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