Simplicity & Focus Key to Fitness Results 8/27/14

Despite the mainstreaming of “fitness” in it’s various forms; bodybuilding, cross-fit, pilates, etc., America as a whole continues to become  a fatter, sicker, and more out of shape country as a whole. “Going mainstream”, in the public consciousness, does not equal getting results! Thinking isn’t doing, and doing isn’t achieving either. In a world where there exists more and things vying for one’s attention, it is increasingly difficult to chose a course of action and keep moving on it. The next “shiny thing”, is just around the corner, like a rest stop on a highway with terrible bathrooms and cheap vending machines!

Just say no! In fact, for me, NO is my favorite word. It is the word that defines choice, and indicates some measuring of paying attention. I’ve said yes to a lot of things without paying attention over the years, and I’ve paid the price…maybe you can relate? So practice using your “NO”, and your “YES” will take on new meaning and power.

iStock_000004773983SmallWhat does this have to do with health and fitness? Well, if you view health, and fitness, as the means to achieve your ends, then saying “NO” to all the stuff that wastes your time and effort, and instead reserving your “YES” for the stuff that delivers on it’s promise is the way to go.

Workout and eat right so you will look good, feel great, and be awesome! Do it because if gives you the means to achieve your goals, to make your life better, to enjoy it all…MORE!

That said, it has become conspicuous to me that the formula for Looking Good, Feeling Great, and Being Awesome is rather simple: IT IS…

Optimize hormones & Bio-mechanics=weight training/functional fascial integration  x cardio + Zone Diet/Organic X Gluten Free Food ( Decontaminated & Structured Water)  – hormone disrupting chemicals and electro pollution X sleep quality.

YOUR HOMEWORK: Take a close look at the formula: Search each term and save what you find on your computer. I will be touching upon each of these in the near future. Join The Physical Culture LA community, and subscribe to our online magazine.


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