Holistic Health…start with the “end” (rear end) in mind!!!

Hi! It’s me, Mr. Mario, and here’s what you need to know:

Listen up, because you really, really, really need to know this. I’t more important than the magic exercise for six pack abs, bulging biceps, and all that other stuff (not that those things aren’t important).



Ready? Ok, here goes: You are ripping your insides up every time you sit to poop.


squaty_potty_2Ok, maybe not rip as in rip in half, but it is well documented (though not well known) that human beings are designed, (DESIGNED!) to squat when we poop. Failing to get into the position causes a progressive derangement of your insides that sets the stage for a host of chronic illnesses.

It’s bad, real bad, to poop sitting down as if in a chair. Save yourself the indignity of hemorrhoids, and all the other problems (you have heard of them, or already deal with them) simply by getting a squatty potty stand for your bathroom!

It is recognized in holistic health circles that health begins in the gut. I would add that it ends in the butt. “Complete the circle of life” by treating both with respect. Make sure you (and those you care about…screw everybody else, not your problem right? Or you could actually forward this to others; just saying.) by getting a squatty potty, and teaching your people to put those old phone books under your feet when you are on the road and not on your own personal “royal throne!”



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