Hi, I’m Mario, and this is what you need to know! I practice, preach, and teach fitness, qigong, and pain free movement. Private and group programs, plus hands on educational workshops. For 30 years, I have pursued the means to get the most out of life; in work, play, self realization, and relationships…through excellence in physical culture. Make no mistake, when you look good, feel great, and can perform at your best, everything in your life is better, richer, and more rewarding…absolutely everything!
iStock_000003206051SmallThis pursuit doesn’t have to be a 24/7┬ájob however. That’s where I come in, to save you time, money, and frustration, by organizing your effort and facilitating your execution so you don’t have to spend your whole life chasing your goals. Instead, let me put you on the fast track to achieving your dreams, so you spend can spend your life enjoying them!

What passion is driving you forward? What fear is holding you back? Both are keys to getting you into action! Live or online, I can help you and your people. Take a quick look on my site, and if you are intrigued, then contact me and let’s get the conversation rolling!




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